MPS Fifth Grade PE Rubric


Each week students develop sports related skills and maintain fitness with the help of the physical education specialist and the classroom teacher. During this time, students will participate in activities designed to introduce sport-specific skills, as well as refining such fundamental skills as skipping, throwing, catching and jumping. Students are expected to follow the rules of the games, demonstrate cooperative team effort, and sustain physical activity. Health topics are also a component of the physical education/development curriculum.

Students will be responsible for:

• acquiring and maintaining physical fitness

• sustaining physical activity

• showing cooperative behavior

• following directions of the game/activity/instructor

• displaying good sportsmanship

• using equipment appropriately

• participating in physical activities

• acquiring sport-specific skills

• identifying ways to prevent transmission of germs that cause communicable diseases

• developing a plan that incorporates exercise, sleep and rest in the daily routine

• listing signs of stress and describing positive ways to handle stress

• examining nutritional contents of snacks and selecting examples of healthy snacks

Acquiring Sports Skills [Knowledgeable Person, Complex Thinker, Cooperative Learner, Ethical Learner]

4 -Exceeds expectations in cooperative team effort and sport-specific skills

3 - Consistently demonstrates cooperative team effort and sport-specific skills

2 - Inconsistently demonstrates cooperative team effort and sport-specific skills

1 - Has not demonstrated cooperative team effort or sport-specific skills

Acquiring and Maintaining Fitness [Knowledgeable Person, Self- Reliant Learner]

4 - Exceeds expectations in both effort and sustained physical activity.

3 - Consistently completes sustained physical activity

2 - Inconsistently completes sustained physical activity

1 - Tires easily during sustained physical activity

Shows Cooperative Behavior [Cooperative Learner, Ethical Learner, Self-Reliant Learner]

4 - Encourages others to follow directions and work with others, display good sportsmanship and use equipment appropriately

3 - Follows directions and works well with others, displays good sportsmanship and uses equipment appropriately

2 - Inconsistent in following directions and working with others, displaying good sportsmanship and/or using equipment appropriately

1 - Has difficulty following directions and working with others, displays poor sportsmanship or misuses equipment

Participates [Cooperative Learner, Self-Reliant Learner]

4 - Participates with enthusiasm

3 - Consistently involved in appropriate activities

2 - Inconsistently involved in appropriate activities

1 - Refuses to join in physical activities or shows little or no effort